INK Protocol


Why sponsor?

Sponsors play an important role in INK Protocol by activating more deposits from existing users and acquiring new users. With every sponsor, big or small, the pool becomes bigger and in turn, the prize becomes bigger. The bigger the prize, the bigger the pull incentive, more people would deposit their UST. Sponsorship helps to:
  • Grow the rewards pool, which in turn, attracts more deposits.
  • Help promote the adoption of UST to new to Defi users.
  • Support a proven team and audited protocol to scale.
  • Promoting users to HODL UST.
  • All sponsors are no-loss as well.

How to Sponsor?

1. Get in touch.

You can DM to our official Twitter or Telegram. Please indicate that you are interested to be a sponsor.

2. Direct UST deposits into INK's pool

Sponsors may deposit into our sponsorship pool(s) and ask for no return. Simply contact us so we could "blacklist" the wallet address to not receive any rewards.

3. Send UST to sponsor addressses:

  • terra18xtemxt3fju26vtpw4qnyy2t0effepcu095sfe
  • terra1mda64233cfznc3kvj94qsmgqs8dm0dhqjjypwt
Sponsors are able to deposit and withdraw at any time. Whether you decide to sponsor or not we already appreciate reading this far!