INK Protocol


Check out the feature lineup we have in house.

Phase 1 (INK v1)

  • Deposit Pooling: Smart contract features that manage user deposits
  • Anchor Yield Strategy: Smart contract features that utilizes Anchor Protocol as a yield fountain strategy
  • Prize Drawing & Claiming: Smart contract features that enables prize drawing and claiming
  • Sponsored Deposits: Allowing sponsors to make deposits that contribute to the yield but give the winning chances to the rest of the depositors
  • Landing Page: Design and implement the landing page that explains the protocol & usage instructions
  • App UI: The awesome UI you see when interacting with the protocol!
  • Communication Channels: Set up Twitter account and Telegram group
  • Documentation: The one you're reading here

Phase 2 (INK v1.5)

  • Sponsorship secured
  • Audit: Our smart contract has been audited by OAK.
  • Data structure enhancement: Enhance data structure to increase scalability and lower gas fees.
  • Defi Llama integration
  • ApeBoard Integration
  • Cooperative Party: Savings together
  • INK Treasury
  • Interest yield: Earn yield on deposited UST.
  • UI/UX Refresh
  • Professional Discord setup
  • Email notification
  • INK Profile
  • Fair Game Mechanism enhancements
  • INK Analytics
  • Tokenomics design
  • Fundraising

Phase 3 (INK v2)

  • Infrastructure enhancements
  • Open source code
  • Native token launch
  • New yield fountains
  • More gameplays (favorable to small fish)
  • More ways to earn rewards
  • More strategies to increase odds
  • More utility with INK
  • Increase marketing
  • Partnerships: Insurance, Donations, Bug bounty, etc

Phase 4 (INK v2.5)

  • Cross-chain deposits
  • Crypto on-ramp/off-ramp
  • Expansion beyond no-loss savings
Please note that the roadmap may change over time and the order of features being delivered may diverge from the order specified here.