INK Protocol

Choose Your Own Interest (CYOI)


This changes everything, the first ever in decentralized finance: Earn high yields on your deposit while participating in the weekly no-loss prize game.

How it works

Users can select the interest rate of their choice; the higher the interest rate selected, the lower the amount allocated to the prize pool, and vice versa. INK allocates the funds to two pools adjusted to the interest rate the user selects: interest-earning deposit and prize pool.
In other words, users can choose to earn more interest or increase their odds of winning the prize.


In depositing, a user selects the interest rate not exceeding 18% APY and the amount to be deposited.

Claiming interest rewards and prizes

Users are entitled to claim prizes and/or interest according to the interest rate they choose. For example, if a user chooses 0% interest and allocates all their funds to game pool, they can only claim prizes if they win.


It should be taken to account that the amount withdrawn would remove the funds from both the interest-earning deposit pool and prize pool. However, in case the user selected 0% interest for one lump sum and interest-earning deposit for another, then such funds need to be withdrawn separately.
*Please note that any deposits into INK is subject to a 7 days early withdrawal cool-down. If you withdraw before the cool-down period ends, you are subjected to a 3% tax.
It is the users' responsibility to claim the prize as soon as the prize draw ends. An unclaimed prize for more than one prize round could potentially be unclaimable and the admin cannot assist in any way to reclaim the prize.
More coming soon!