INK Protocol

Getting UST

There are multiple ways to receive UST, here we list the two primary ways you can get UST.

1. Receiving UST from an exchange

  1. 1.
    Purchase your UST using any exchange that supports Terra. To view a list of current exchanges, visit the Integration Pages.
  2. 2.
    Withdraw any token supported by the Terra network from your exchange. Every exchange is different. Please visit your exchange's web page for guides on how to withdraw tokens. Use the following steps as a generic guide.
    • To receive tokens to your wallet, use your wallet address. Your wallet address will appear at the top of the Terra station Desktop app near your wallet name. Your wallet address will look like this: terra<random-numbers-and-letters>
    • Double-check whether your wallet address is correct before sending.
    • Double-check that the network you are sending is Terra network.
    • Send the tokens from the exchange to your Terra Station wallet address.

2. Purchase UST with credit/debit card via Transak

Please ensure the following:
  • Local currency use for purchasing token
  • Ensure that you are purchasing UST (TerraUSD) on the Terra network
  • Enter correct Terra wallet address. Wise to double check for the first time.
  • Memo is not needed.