INK Protocol


What is INK Protocol?

We are the first no loss-prize savings game on Terra with unlimited upside and zero downsides. You can participate by connecting your Terra wallet and depositing UST. By depositing your UST, you are automatically eligible to participate in all rounds until you withdraw.

Where does INK generate the yields?

We generate the yield from Anchor Protocol. We then redistribute the Anchor interest yield through our randomization algorithm to up to 10 lucky winners on INK Protocol every week.

Has INK been audited?

Yes, our smart contract has been audited by Oak Security.

How can I buy INK token?

INK Protocol has not launched token, yet.

Why can't I withdraw my deposits?

Please ensure some UST for the withdrawal transaction fee, refresh/clear cache, and check your internet/WiFi connection. After following these three steps if you cannot withdraw, please contact one of our INK admins.

How many winners are there?

There are 10 prizes awarded to winners every week. One wallet can win multiple prizes. So the best chance to win is to be among the top depositors.

What if I don’t win?

You are already a winner by saving your money. We are a no-loss prize savings platform, so if you didn’t win you still have all your UST available. More importantly, the prize pool gets bigger every week so who knows, you might win a bigger prize in the next round.

Is there a minimum deposit?

Yes, for individuals we have a minimum deposit of 11 UST. For joining a party, you there is a party minimum limit and for creating a party there is a 100 UST minimum to deposit.
However, we encourage you to regularly deposit to save more because that only increases your chance to win the prizes.

Why is there a lockup on my deposits?

You can withdraw your UST anytime, however, in order to prevent unfair gaming of the system, there is an early withdrawal fee of 3% for withdrawals before 7 days of deposits. This deposit timer resets and re-calculates every time you make new deposits (calculation based on weighted-average basis).