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We want INK Protocol to be a fun and safe place for people around the world to learn and start saving.
We believe this is an important mission as the only way to truly build wealth is by saving; earning more alone is not enough.

What is INK Protocol

Ink Protocol is the first decentralized passive income and prize savings protocol on the Terra blockchain that lets you win by saving. We aim to gamify savings for users who favor big and fast returns with no-loss on their money.
Ink Protocol offers you the following:
  • Unlimited upside: Our weekly prize grows with the pool's deposits. Every week means a larger prize size. By being one of the 10 prize winners, you would likely receive an outsized return on your investment in a short period of time.
  • No-loss savings: By depositing you are eligible to participate in our weekly prize draw, until you withdraw. If you do not win, you still have all your money. The bright side is, keep your deposit and have another chance at a bigger reward the week after.
  • In control of your luck: For the first time, you can control your chance to win life-changing prizes. The more you deposit the better the chance you will be among the top 10 winners. The Ink team encourages you to deposit for the long-term and save regularly.
Why the name Ink? Ink Protocol is a playful name based on the "Ink" that is used to print the value into fiat currencies. We aim to be the decentralized platform that prints life-changing prizes (money) for you.

Join our community

INK Team will never message/DM you first and or ask for your password/seed phrase.
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